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Affiliate FAQs

Check FAQs to find the answers to your questions

What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is a marketing model. The model is based on pay-on-performance compensation structure and high-value relationships between several actors such as:

Companies offering a product or service.

Affiliate Partners: companies and individuals that promote products and services.

Affiliate Technology Providers: Companies that by using technology, can track and measure the performance of their affiliates and the compensation to their partners.

Affiliate and Marketing Agencies: Companies that manage the day-to-day operations and strategy of an affiliate program such as partner relationships and partner recruiting.

Consumers: The wide range of customers that companies or affiliate partners try to influence, including making a purchase, submitting a lead form, become a new customer, test out a service, etc.
Who can become an affiliate?
The term “affiliate” applies to various categories of partners, including individual persons, companies, and organizations. Being an affiliate allows companies to manage the partnerships and once the affiliates have delivered on the agreed outcome, they will be compensated (e.g. sales, generating a high-value lead, inviting a new customer, etc.).
How do affiliates get their compensation?
Affiliates are compensated when their promotional efforts generate a conversion; a specific action that’s been decided on by the brand. Typically this desired conversion is a sale, a new customer or a high-quality lead.

Affiliates Compensation can include a commission based on the percentage of a sale and you can either request a withdrawal as soon as your balance reaches the minimum required amount of €100.00 or the amount can be added as a credit balance in your account to be used for the purchase of our products.
What is a commission rate?
Commission rates to affiliates are exlusively set by our company based on a percentage of the total sale (e.g. 10%) that they’ve driven for the company. Commission rates vary depending on the type of website and promotional channel they use (e.g. content, coupon, loyalty, mobile, etc.). Affiliates can review the commission rate set by the company when they sign up for their affiliate program. They can also negotiate commission rates with some companies in exchange for added or incremental exposure.
Do affiliates have to pay to join an affiliate program?
Affiliates can sign up for free for an affiliate/partner program. Furthermore, the affiliates can sign up as many affiliate programs across multiple affiliate networks, without any restrictions.

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